SkyMinder Newsletter August

Biotechnology is the technologic application that uses biological systems and living organisms to produce or modify products or processes with a specific aim, for example it is used in the medical field to repair or to regrow damaged tissues and organs.

Biotech industry is mostly developed in the United States, with a revenue over $137.4 B in 2015, and in Europe. Here a chart, listed by Genetic Engineering&Biotecnology News, of the ten major Biotech companies:

  1. Amgen – US
  2. Gilead Sciences - US
  3. Novo Nordisk - Denmark
  4. Celgene - US
  5. Biogen - US
  6. Allergan - Ireland
  7. Teva - Israel
  8. CSL - US
  9. Regeneron Pharmaceutical - US
  10. Shire – Ireland.

Biotech total market value amounted to $369.62B in 2016 and, according to a research conducted by Global Market Insight, Biotech market is expected to exceed $775.2B by 2024.

Its annual grow rate – equal to 9.9% - is justified by the increase of  chronic deseases and the consequential demand for new technology useful to eradicate cancer, cardiovascular and other deseases. At the same time Biotech increase is encouraged by inadequate agricultural land, water scarcity, growing demand for agricultural food products in countries like US and China and also by lack of non-renewable resources. Actually, Biotech industry is divided into four branches: bioagriculture, bioservices, bioindustrial and biopharmacy and each branch try to find a solution to these problems.

Even if there are four branches existing, the last field represents the most important one with a revenue, registered in 2015, exceeding $199B and linked to products such as: monoclonal antibodies, advanced drugs, recombinant proteins, growth hormones and vaccines.

Beauty and skincare market exported $48.6B in 2017 of which 49.8% comes from Europe, 33.7% from Asia, 13.9% from North America and the remaining part is split across the other countries.
The most lucrative beauty and skincare categories are: Makeup preparation and skincare ($35.7B), Eye make-up ($4.7B), Lip make-up and lipsticks ($4.4B), Make-up or skincare powders ($2.4B), Manicure or pedicure preparations ($1.5B).
Concerning export by countries, the following ones can be considered the major Beauty and Skincare products exporters: France ($8.6B), United States ($5.3B), South Korea ($3.9B), Singapore ($3.8B), Germany ($3.5B), Japan ($2.6B), United Kingdom ($2.1B), Italy ($2.1B), China ($2B) and Hong Kong ($1.9B).

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