Evaluate a customer

Having a healthy relationship with a customer means be sure that payments related to provided good and services are done as agreed.
Be paid on time, is the right way to create a positive cash flow able to fuel company’s investments and projects.







Let’s see together main steps to follow for an evaluation process:


1. Step one

Evaluating a business partner, the first aspect you need to check is its financial situation.
It is the foundation of every kind of business relationship, since at first, you need to be sure of your partner’s creditworthiness or assess if he is able to pay for the services received.

Requiring a Full Report or a Slim Report on the company you are interested in, the Rating, Credit limit and risk assessment indicators will help you to confirm the current risk level.

2. Step two

These assessments are necessary both for new customers, both for the existing ones, since in a globalized context, unpredictable threats come also from known companies. In the case of a regular customer, is very important monitoring changes in the company situation, which could affect your business.
Keeping up to date is the right way to prevent critical events, such as a customer no longer able to pay, a supplier who risks interrupting the production chain, a change of ownership or cases of bankruptcy.
Monitoring Solutions allows to understand if a business partner has changed company information and be able to change internal policies if needed. Monitoring solutions can be different considering country data friction.

3. Step three

Once the financial soundness has been assessed, the second aspect to be investigated is the corporate structure. Doing business with a partner with an unknown or unclear configuration means exposing yourself to various risks.
The first thing you need to know is who really owns a company. Being able to go back to the beneficial owner and the various shareholders allows you to have a clear picture of the company’s organization and to know exactly whom you are dealing with.

Using The KYC Report, you can easily distinguish the actual beneficial owner, individuate the shareholders and have a graphical representation of the company’s structure and roles hierarchy.

4. Step four

Identified the corporate structure and management, crucial assessments regarding the reliability and the reputation of our collaborators. First of all is necessary ascertain if they are included in lists connected to fraud, terrorism, money laundering or other financial crimes and if they respect the compliance regulations.
All this information can be found in the Compliance Check Report and Extended Compliance Check Report