SkyMinder for Dynamics

SkyMinder for Dynamics

Thanks to cooperation with mse, SkyMinder NAV connects Microsoft Dynamics NAV system with SkyMinder. 
This means that all entities considered as companies in more than 230 countries and territories can be requested using your SkyMinder NAV.
In addition, it is also possible to be updated if a change affects your business partner, both customer or supplier.



  • Easy and quick identification of companies thanks to intelligent search logic
  • Rating and Credit Limit helping to take the right decision in a business partner process evaluation
  • Update scheduling service useful to understand company changed
  • Data quality processes and flow in place at worldwide level to ensure reliable information
  • Constant improvement: monitoring service, multilingualism, new NAV versions


• Get automatically updated SkyMinder credit information inside NAV.
• Track the history of your business partners in NAV to better take future decisions.
• Stop double tracking, data inconsistency and mistakes in your database. Thanks to SkyMinder NAV’s powerful phonetic search, 
you are able to store the right business partner address.
• Avoid expensive mistakes, double reports and double investigations.
• All information is available at one central location, directly at hand in the relevant process (for example quote).
• If you already use SkyMinder you can import all acquired data with the "Initial Load“ and connect it with your Customers, Vendors and Contacts. Data availability will be in line with the web access.
• Uniform right management inside NAV for SkyMinder consultation and access, as well as SkyMinder access data.
• Enforcing a single credit directive will be facilitated, so you gain more security and a considerable effort reduction.
• SkyMinder NAV can be operated from the NAV Customer, Vendor or Contact. Display and retrieval of data is consistently the  same. Simple but powerful structure ensures optimal integration, fast learning and high quality customer experience
• SkyMinder is fully integrated in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, with minimal interference with the NAV standard. It is a standard extension of your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system with its own number range and permanent maintenance.

Product availability

Full Report with the possibility of scheduled updating

Techinical Requirements

Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 or higher