SkyMinder for Salesforce

SkyMinder for Salesforce

Thanks to cooperation between CRIF and INTERCODEC, SkyMinder information is integrated into Salesforce CRM.
SkyMinder for Salesforce allows you not only to retrieve credit reports, but also to receive updates on changes affecting companies, a crucial aspect in the evaluation process for both customers and suppliers.







• Access a platform able to search companies worldwide
 Automatically get up-to-date and freshly investigated SkyMinder Credit Reports
• Receive an alert if something changes in a previously assessed company and immediately revise decisions
• Feed Salesforce with high-quality data, from the right company identification to evaluation indicators
• Obtain a Risk Assessment and Credit Limit in order to evaluate a company and take the right decision in line with your business targets and procedures
 Integrate SkyMinder data into your Salesforce CRM module
• Have a unique access point to get SkyMinder company data

3 SkyMinder Products available

Technical Requirements

Salesforce Edition: Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance

Supported Browser: IE 11 (EOL December 31, 2020), Microsoft Edge (latest), Google Chrome (latest), Mozilla Firefox (latest), Apple Safari (12.x+)