Competition analysis








Knowing the company structure helps to understand how competitors are linked to other companies and to draw up a map. It’s very useful to understand if a competitor is moving on the market acquiring new entities, if it’s going to explore new industries gaining market share or consolidate current position.

It is also crucial to keep up-to-date about information related to competitors companies, including its financial data and risk level, in order to define appropriate actions.

In particular, local financials are the right data to analyze not only turnover but also investments and the capacity to produce cash flow. Accessing to local information, granularity of data allowing to be totally informed on financial position and understand how competitors are moving and related strategy.

Thanks to SkyMinder it is possible to perform Competition Analysis around the world, also paying attention to the financial data and the risk level of each competitor and building up performance trends.
In addition, merger and acquisition transactions are becoming more and more frequent, and so it is necessary to be certain about changes in the decision-making environment of competitors.