Cyber Risk Management







Cyber risks have to be considered carefully when evaluating a company’s
overall risk profile.
The number of serious cyber-attacks in the last few years prove that no business is safe, regardless of size, industry, market or country. The threat of a supply chain attack is significant in modern organizations mainly due to globalization, decentralization and outsourcing.

Understanding in advance if a partner or a potential partner could be at risk is crucial for every company. A cyber-attack or a data breach causes business and reputational damages, as well as regulatory and compliance issues.

A cyber-attack not only impacts suppliers as victim of the attack itself but also customers who find themselves having to source a new supplier which isn’t always a simple and quick task.

For these reasons it’s important businesses understand in advance if a partner or potential partner are vulnerable to a cyber -attack. It’s standard practice to analyze business partners from a financial point of view, but now more than ever it’s crucial to understand the cyber risks the company may face as well.
Via SkyMinder is possible to verify in advance if a business partner located everywhere in the world, customer or supplier, is at risk for cyber attack defining proactively proper actions.