SkyMinder for Business

SkyMinder for Business

Flexibility is one of the most important aspects of SkyMinder.

SkyMinder is your reliable global information partner when a business decision on an international level must be taken, whatever of the area of focus.

This is possible thanks to CRIF business information in the countries it operates in and a strong relationship with providers all over the world.

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Credit ratings and credit opinions are the best tools for understanding risk level. They provide accurate information on whether it is possible to establish a relationship based on business development or if care is required due to a critical risk level.

SkyMinder is the right solution for all stages of the business cycle: starting from business development, to customer and supplier evaluation, to compliance requirements. A worldwide approach to quality and constant updating are key assets of SkyMinder, helping companies achieve the best results.

Market Needs

Credit Management

An evaluation process is essential both for brand new customers or companies already in the portfolio, all around the world.

Supplier Management

SkyMinder helps you to know a supplier, understanding the health of a worldwide partner: its company structure, financial information and most importantly the level of risk, avoiding interruptions in production, which could generate a significant issue.  

Competition Analysis

Analyzing competitors’ financial results is important to understanding market shares and how players are shifting within the market.

Compliance/KYC Management

In a worldwide environment with countries with different levels of data availability, business perspectives and economic development, know you customer and have information demonstrating whether a subject is registered or not is the first step towards compliance.

Business Development Management

Acquiring new potential customers is one of the most important targets of any company, but at the same time, the new subject has to guarantee a certain level of security, to allow a good business development.


  • Very little progress on the subject of women in management positions / Hamburg is the capital of managers

    The debate about women in management positions has been going on in Germany for years, and has recently become increasingly intense. As a result, relatively little has happened. The number of women at the top is hardly increasing. Women currently account for 22.6 per cent of the managerial workforce in companies, only 0.1 percentage points more than 24 months ago. 

  • Vienna, 30 October 2018

    CRIF Austria survey shows that "Women are gaining ground"

    Although women are still underrepresented in decision-making positions in Austrian companies, they are steadily closing the gap on their male counterparts according to a survey carried out by the business information service CRIF Austria.

  • CRIF becomes a founding member of WOA

    Crif is now a founding member of World of Open Account (WOA), the Peer-to-Peer community that represents the global node for all players in the Open Account ecosystem. WOA is a collaborative reality, where all participants can share competencies and knowledge to develop business activities

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