Compliance and Extended Check Report

Understand if your business partners are involved in financial crimes

connected to money laundering, fraud, corruption, bribery or other criminal activities are more and more present in the worldwide market. For this reason, at the same time, government requirements to implement appropriate actions to comply with regulations have been established all over the world.
Nowadays, companies must be able to check business partners, not just for evaluation purposes, but also for due diligence processes and need solutions to screen information required by regulatory processes.







Having access to these data means protecting your business from reputational, operational, financial and legal risks
For these reasons, SkyMinder represents a critical driver of financial transparency, providing instruments to prevent fraud and make proper compliance checks.
Through the integration of LexisNexis Risk Solutions, Skyminder users are able to accede a sophisticated data analytics platform and identify patterns of subjects involved with companies and entities associated with financial crime risks in all countries.


SkyMinder Prevent Fraud Solutions:

SkyMinder users can choose between two different products integrating LexisNexis Risk Solutions World Compliance Data: Compliance Check Report and Extended Check Report.
  • Compliance Check Report: makes possible to find any business entity worldwide and get information on whether the subject is on lists regarding fraud, terrorism, money laundering or other crimes.
  • Extended Check Report: allows to find companies worldwide and obtain information about the company itself, as well as its directors, shareholders and parent companies, as described in the Credit Report, and to check if the subject is on any lists of criminal activity.


  • Flexibility: Option to choose the type of subject to check: company or individual. To have a clear picture, it is sometimes necessary to extend the number of queried subjects.
  • Completeness: Checks are made in all available sources in order to have a complete overview of the subject according to a due diligence approach.
  • Cost control: Prices are based on the checked subject (company or individual), regardless of the amount of information found, so it is very easy to know the required investment in advance.
Highlights: Identification of the subject, Summary  of main returned information from LexisNexis® Risk Solutions check and Gradient, graphical representation of check results 
Compliance Check: Lists screened for each identified subject and match score, Information details for each identified subjects.


  • Integrated with the Credit Report: this means that both typical risk evaluation information and data related to checks made regarding money laundering, sanctions, crimes etc. can be found in the same document.
  • Completeness: Checks are made in all available sources in order to get an overall picture of the most important subjects within the company and included in the Credit Report.
  • Customer Experience and Cost Control:  uses the same request procedure as the Credit Report, with the same layout and the same SkyMinder functions. Price is fixed, regardless of the number of subjects checked, as included in the Credit Report, and the amount of matched information.
Same content as the SkyMinder Credit Report: Business Highlights, Risk Assessment, Relevant Events, Financial Information, Business Management, Business Relationships, Activity Features, Additional Information
Compliance check on Company Name, Managers (current), Shareholders (current), Parent Company; Lists screening on all checked subject with match score, Gradient, graphical representation of check results