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SkyMinder World

SkyMinder is the platform allowing the global market to access commercial risk data and credit information.

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All countries are available on SkyMinder, with no barriers in terms of political of economic turmoil or instability, such as embargos, or internal or external conflicts, allowing a worldwide evaluation. This means that all entities considered as companies are evaluated in more than 230 countries and territories via SkyMinder and ready to be analyzed by customers all over the world.

Thanks to CRIF’s strong local presence and best-in-class data providers all over the world, SkyMinder is able to deliver the best available report to support decisions with the most up-to-date commercial risk data and reliable credit information.

Due to its international focus, SkyMinder brings a unique and robust knowledge of worldwide evaluation rules. Public sources are combined with the knowledge of differing legislation between markets, as well as data availability, and political and economic conditions, all of which could affect information production. Data availability and their updating differ in every country, or at least between groups of countries.

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