SkyMinder Newsletter July

Last years have shown how people are passing their free time engaging with social media. This has also influenced consuption behaviour of European people and the importance of online advertising that represented a marginal share of the total adverting marketing – 0,5% in 1999 – whereas now it is the most important advertising channel, with a market share equal to 37,2% and an increase of advertising revenue, from 2006 and 2016, equal to 530%.

A recent research published by IAB Europe in 2016 tried to measure digital advertising’s economic contribution considering the GVA and the jobs created by Digital ADV. The direct contribution – economic contributions from firms in the direct advertising value chain - to GVA in the EU-28 amounted to €25B in 2015, while extended contribution – that considers contribution from the previous firms’ suppliers, their suppliers’ suppliers, etc. – was equal to €118B. Lastly, overall contribution stands at €526B.

Concerning contribution linked to job created by digital advertising, the research says: “1 million jobs in the EU-28 were directly dependent on digital advertising in 2015. This increases to 1.5 million jobs if the wider industry supply chain is considered in a measure of extended contribution. If effects of advertising on increased sales and competition are taken into account, 6 million jobs in the EU-28 were supported by digital advertising”.

The emergence of Digital ADV brings also the necessity to find people specialized in a new range of employments:  art directors, sales manager for digital advertising, someone able to measure sentiment for Digital ADV, Social Media Manager, Experts of video editing and of mobile advertising, algorithmic systems developer and much more.

International sales from leather footwear export amounted to $52B. In 2017, countries with the highest level of leather footwear export were:

  • China: $9.1B
  • Italy: $7.7B
  • Vietnam: $6B
  • Germany: $3.3B
  • Indonesia: $2.6B
  • Portugal: $1.9B
  • France: $1.9B
  • Belgium: $1.8B
  • Netherlands: $1.7B
  • Spain: $1.7B.

Leader companies in shoes manufacturing from the countries that the previous chart considers pilots of leather footwear market are: Belle International (China), Luigi Voltan Shoe Company (Italy), Erich Rohde GmbH (Germany), Camper (Spain), Brantano Footwear (Belgium), Foreva - Comércio de Calçado S.A. (Portugal) and Berluti (France).

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