South Korean Import/Export

South Korea is the 5th largest export economy in the world.

Its exports is characterized by Integrated Circuits ($104B), Cars ($40.1B), Refined Petroleum ($32.6B), Passenger and Cargo Ships ($24.4B) and Vehicle Parts ($19.1B).

Its import, instead, consists of Crude Petroleum ($56B), Integrated Circuits ($38.6B), Petroleum Gas ($17.3B), Photo Lab Equipment ($13.7B) and Coal Briquettes ($13.3B).

In Asia, South Korea trades mainly with China ($149B), Vietnam ($47.7B), Hong Kong ($34.8B) and Japan ($26.9B); overseas, chiefly with the United States ($69.4B).

South Korean best import origins are China ($98.1B), Japan ($54.2B), the United States ($48.7B), Germany ($19.7B) and Other Asia ($18B).

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