Czech Import/Export

The Czech Republic is the 30th largest export economy in the world. 

Its export consists primarily of Cars ($18.4B), Vehicle Parts ($12.8B), Computers ($7.21B), Telephones ($2.74B) and Insulated Wire ($2.29B), while it needs to import mostly goods like Vehicle Parts ($8.58B), Computers ($6.51B), Cars ($3.89B), Packaged Medicaments ($3.31B) and Broadcasting Equipment ($2.92B).

Germany ($46B), Slovakia ($11.1B), the United Kingdom ($7.67B), France ($7.56B) and Poland ($7.5B) are its top exporters.

Czech Republic imports mainly from Germany ($37.9B), followed by China ($17.3B), Poland ($11.7B), Slovakia ($7.47B) and Italy ($6.04B).

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