Focus on: KYC Report

Focus on: KYC Report


What is a KYC Report?


The KYC Report is a particular kind of report with a fundamental role in the Know Your Customers (KYC) process, allowing to find and verify the identity of customers, vendors or other economic players.


What information does it provide?


Since, in complex worldwide markets, know business partners it’s crucial to run profitable and efficient relationships, KYC Report has the function to clarify who really has the ownership of a company, who are the stakeholders and if the partner is in line with the brand reputation.

Is checked the information about  three Company’s aspects: Identity, Shareholders and Beneficial Owner:

  • Company identity check:
  • Does the company exist?
  • Is the company registered on the local public register?
  • What is its current status?
  • Shareholder structure analysis (where a shareholder is any person, company or institution that owns at least one share of a company’s stock)
  • If available on a country level, , identification of the local Beneficial Owner, a person or entity who enjoys the benefits of ownership even though title to some form of property is in another name.


Which data can be found in a Skyminder KYC Report?


KYC Report Content includes:           


  • Identification data with company identification information
  • Highlights with Shareholders identification and Domestic Beneficial Owners identification (if applicable)

Compliance information

  • Shareholders with Identification and % owned

And if applicable

  • Local Beneficial owners with Identification and % owned


  • Domestic Beneficial owner graphical representation
  • Web version (if at least one beneficial owner is identified)


The KYC process takes in consideration the fact that data friction and data availability vary from country to country, but the KYC Report is delivered with the most updated information available on the market matching with the high SyMinder standard. 

It means that KYC Report is available on-line only if the data are giving the guarantee to be updated at the day of the enquiry. Differently, KYC Report will be delivered offline after having collected required updated info.


KYC Report is integrated in SkyMinder platform, simply use SkyMinder searching a candidate, and KYC Report will be available.


Delivered reports, both on-line or off-line have the same layout for a better readability.


Via Skyminder are available KYC Reports on 184 countries in 5 continents.