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Know company structure of Singaporean firms with KYC Report provided by CRIF BizInsights available on SkyMinder

Singapore is playing a very strong role in worldwide economy, as well as companies based in the Southeast Asia sovereign city-state. Discover more about their company structure requesting via SkyMinder new KYC Report provided by CRIF BizInsights.

Singapore is currently ranked as first most competitive worldwide economy and also ranked first worldwide country for the ease of doing business. 34th as GDP and 8th as GDP per capita.


Thanks to KYC Report via SkyMinder and now provided by CRIF BizInsights is possible to understand more about company structure of Singaporean Business Partners with detailed information on value of the shares and related ownership.



Discover full SkyMinder product range on Singapore, in addition to KYC Report:

  • Credit Report to have in depth information to evaluate a business partner
  • Planned Revision to receive periodically an update on a company
  • Compliance Check and Extended Check Report to verify anti-bribery and anti-money laundering purposes
  • Cyber Risk Report to prevent cyber attacks.

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