CRIF takes 35th place in the IDC FinTech Rankings 2018

CRIF takes 35th place in the IDC FinTech Rankings 2018

For the sixth year running, CRIF has been included in the prestigious IDC FinTech Rankings, taking 35th place in 2018 in the global classification, and top spot among Italian companies.

In its fifteenth edition, the IDC FinTech classification assesses the main global suppliers of financial technology based on revenues for the previous calendar year obtained in the hardware, software and/or services sector.

The companies analyzed provide the technological backbone to the financial services industry, a sector in which, according to IDC Financial Insights, the global IT expenditure will reach 500 billion dollars by 2020. On the other hand, in order to prosper in an increasingly digital economy, banks and financial institutions need to embrace innovation and integrate cutting-edge technologies in the most effective and timely way possible so as to improve the customer experience and achieve operating excellence. CRIF, like the other companies in the IDC FinTech Rankings, represents excellence among those suppliers that work with great determination and commitment to give solid support to financial institutions so that they can successfully implement their digital transformation initiatives.

In a scenario like today’s, influenced by drivers destined to play an increasingly significant role, such as digital transformation, CRIF’s aim is to effectively and efficiently support the markets, improving customer involvement through simpler and faster customer engagement and experience. Technology plays the direct role of “business maker” in this respect, as well as the traditional role of “business enabler”, offering speed and scalability to create value in new spaces through advanced solutions that are able to anticipate the needs of credit operators as well as those of their end customers.

“CRIF has always adopted a farsighted approach as well as a highly innovative model, which recognizes the factors characterizing successful players, who are ready for the future. The continuous and fast development of the context we operate in is a strong stimulus for the development of added-value solutions, which CRIF develops through its Intelligent Network Services Platform (INSP), based on a distinctive mix of knowledge, information and technology, incorporated into a service offering recognized by clients on a global level”, commented Eugenio Bonomi, CRIF CEO for business and global technologies. “In light of this, being ranked again in 2018 in the IDC FinTech Rankings isn’t just a source of pride for the more than 4,500 professionals working in CRIF, but above all it represents a further confirmation of our constant commitment and of the quality of our innovative solutions, able to help our clients along their growth path, in risk management, end-to-end cost reduction and compliance”.

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