PT Visi Globalindo Data Utama new SkyMinder provider on Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore

PT Visi Globalindo Data Utama new SkyMinder provider on Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore

SkyMinder quality and coverage is enhanced thanks to the extensive knowledge of PT Visi Globalindo Data Utama as information for Credit Reports on companies in Indonesia Malaysia and Republic of Singapore.

SkyMinder Credit Reports for companies based in Malaysia and Republic of Singapore can count on strong assets, like 100% coverage for both listed and private firms. Data is coming from public sources having the latest update from registry: Malaysian law rules economic subjects obliged to be registered. In addition, all private companies are required to file financial statements. SkyMinder Credit Reports are build considering law requirements, giving a high quality standard for quality and crucial information availability enriched by credit recommendation and risk assessment requested by international firms working with partners based in Malaysia or Singapore.

The business information reports contain basic information on the companies investigated, including date of establishment, legal status, as well as business permits, lines of business, capitalization, sales turnover, investment, manpower, boards of management, supervisory boards and associated companies. SkyMinder reports also cover the business operations of companies, business prospects, financial statements (particularly for public and some private companies), management ability and creditworthiness.

Obtainining all information useful for a Credit Report is not easy. Only thanks a company strongly linked to market and with a high knowledge on data acquisition process like PT Visi Globalindo Data Utama, it is possible to follow the right flow and obtain crucial information, like company registration, litigation or financial statements.

Combined with Human Resource skills and commitment on overall processes, credit recommendation and risk assessment all the business information reports are based on high quality standard necessary to international companies dealing with Indonesian, Malaysian or Singapore commercial partners.

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