Webinar: Doing Business in China

Zoe Hui, responsible for developing CRIF’s business information in Hong Kong and South Korea and experienced in credit risk and credit management, is going to give a Webinar on the 5th of June which will be focused on the current market situation in China.

The Webinair is organized by FCIB, the major internationally recognized Association of Executives in Finance, Credit and International Business, and it will give advices on practical credit policy for helping enterprises in managing their customers and running business

Zoe Hui will be assisted in her speech by Pia Porvari, UPM-Kymmene Corporation. The Webinar has the aim to help enterprises and businesses in their growth in China and it costs $95 for members or $195 for non-members.

To have more information and to register: https://my.nacm.org/net/Info/events/eventInformation.aspx?EventKey=FWEB060518