CRIF, Alibaba and Qupital

CRIF, Alibaba and Qupital share their expertise on B2B e-commerce at the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce

On February 1, CRIF, Alibaba and Qupital attended a seminar hosted by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC) to talk about "New Trends in B2B e-commerce for Small Businesses", and to share their views and experience.

Over the last few years, e-commerce has created many business opportunities, enabling enterprises to develop their businesses globally. At the same time, enterprises are increasingly exposed to different credit risks during e-commerce transactions on the international trade market. Therefore, during the seminar, CRIF explained how to use business information to enhance credit management, perform business partner assessment, and reduce credit risk.

The event was an opportunity to talk about different aspects of the e-commerce world, such as the e-commerce sector on a global scale, SME financing and supplier certifications. Very interactive and with insightful cases studies, it was a way for attendees to learn more about how to explore the e-commerce ecosystem and seize potential development opportunities.