Special report- Spanish Mid Caps continue to erode operating efficiency

Barcelona, Spain, 26 June 2017

According to a study performed by CRIF Ratings (CRIF) on the evolution of several operating parameters of non-financial companies listed in the Ibex Medium Cap (IMC), it emerges that over the past five years the average operating efficiency of these companies has deteriorated, despite a notable reduction of the debt and a slight improvement in operating margins.


​The study compared key data of the listed companies in 2011 and 2016, such as operating performance or profitability, leverage and interest coverage ratios. The sample analysed included 16 companies out of 20; BME and Catalana Occidente were excluded, given their non-corporate business nature and diverse structure of the balance sheet. Logista and Hispania Activos were also excluded from the analysis as they were not listed in 2011.


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