New B2B study: Use cases and opportunities of blockchain for the retail market

The Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), the credit bureau CRIF and the Austrian trade association present a brand new blockchain report with emphasis on a.o. supply chain traceability.

Procurement processes are changing rapidly and the blockchain is on everyone's lips. Just a hype or the beginning of a revolution? Are 10 percent of the GDP really going to be processed by blockchain in 2025, as the World Economic Forum recently predicted? Will distributed ledger technology reduce global trade barriers while providing greater transparency and security? Will smart contracts completely turn the supply chain upside down? These and other questions are answered by the new blockchain study. This technology could revolutionize supply chain management and commerce.

Blockchain ensures transparency and traceability

There are many actors in a supply chain who do not necessarily trust each other. However, trust and transparency are the factors that promote efficient collaboration. This is where the blockchain comes into play.

To read the full study, write an e-mail to marketing.at@crif.com and discover more here.