SkyMinder API

SkyMinder API

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Skyminder API


The SkyMinder offering successfully balances the following elements:

  • Worldwide data availability: all countries in the world are potentially of interest to all markets, and so this means complete availability
  • Market needs: what customers are really looking for from business information and what is really helpful
  • Strategic information: focus on elements which really help customers in their decisions. It is not a matter of data quantity but data quality
  • Country specificity: countries can have different rules in terms of data availability and updating. Not all information can be accessed online, but for critical areas offline delivery guarantees that high data quality standards are always maintained
  • Risk level: to assess a risk level, information independent data could give the right perspective. Internal information only, aren't enough to take a decision safely

In a business information arena where so many things can affect wordwide data availability, quality and updating, SkyMinder is committed to not simply being a provider to its customers, but also a partner who manages the information required to understand the market needs and to make a difference in a complex and constantly changing environment.

Thanks to SkyMinder API, SkyMinder has in place partnerships with most popular ERP, like SAP S/4 HANA for Credit Integration, Dynamics, Salesforce, Ready4 Credit Management integrated in SAP.


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