Thai Import/Export

Thailand is the 19th largest export economy in the world and its top exports  are Computers ($18.1B), Cars ($11.1B), Integrated Circuits ($10.5B), Delivery Trucks ($9.5B) and Gold ($6.94B).

In 2016, Thailand exported $237B, focusing mainly on destinations like: United States ($29.4B), China ($29.2B), Japan ($20.4B), Australia ($11.6B) and Hong Kong ($11.3B).

It largely imports Crude Petroleum ($13.8B), Integrated Circuits ($8.72B), Vehicle Parts ($5.81B), Gold ($5.11B) and Petroleum Gas ($4.88B), mainly from China ($41.9B), Japan ($29.3B), United States ($11.6B), Malaysia ($11B) and South Korea ($7.03B).

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