Salvadorian Import/Export

El Salvador is the 102nd largest export economy in the world.

Its export consists mainly of Knit T-shirts ($765M), Knit Sweaters ($423M), Knit Socks and Hosiery ($264M), Raw Sugar ($221M) and Knit Men's Undergarments ($218M), destined to some key export destinations like United States ($2.48B), Guatemala ($791M), Honduras ($778M), Nicaragua ($431M) and Costa Rica ($261M).

Salvadorian top imports are Refined Petroleum ($952M), Packaged Medicaments ($285M), Petroleum Gas ($254M), Light Rubberized Knitted Fabric ($253M) and Broadcasting Equipment ($216M). Its top import origins are the United States ($3.26B), China ($1.43B), Guatemala ($1.03B), Mexico ($900M) and Honduras ($578M).

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