Maltese Import/Export

Malta is the 113th largest export economy in the world.

Its top exports are Integrated Circuits ($833M), Refined Petroleum ($765M), Packaged Medicaments ($427M), Models and Stuffed Animals ($187M) and Low-voltage Protection Equipment ($138M); while its top imports are Refined Petroleum ($4.14B), Passenger and Cargo Ships ($1.52B), Recreational Boats ($593M), Crude Petroleum ($344M) and Planes, Helicopters, and/or Spacecraft ($327M).

In Europe, the top export destinations of Malta are Italy ($496M) and Germany ($363M). Overseas, they are Singapore ($422M), China ($407M) and Hong Kong ($247M).

Its top import origins are Russia ($2.48B), Italy ($1.88B), Germany ($687M), the Philippines ($686M) and China ($674M).

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