Maldives' Import/Export

Maldives is the 166th largest export economy in the world.

Its export is based on Petroleum Gas ($144M), Fish Fillets ($61.2M), Non-fillet Fresh Fish ($48.4M), Processed Fish ($26.2M) and Processed Fish ($6.78M).

The top Asian export destinations of Maldives are Sri Lanka ($155M), India ($ 7.16M) and Japan ($ 4.85M). Overseas, it trades mainly with the United States ($33.1M), France ($24.2M), Germany ($21.1M) and the United Kingdom ($13M).

Maldives’ top imports are Refined Petroleum ($35M), Broadcasting Equipment ($35M), Other Furniture ($29.6M), Iron Structures ($25.1M) and Insulated Wire ($24M).

Their top import origins are China ($274M), Singapore ($226M), India ($210M), Malaysia ($129M) and Sri Lanka ($113M).

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