Vegetables Top Importer





The top exporters of Vegetables are Ukraine ($5.4M), Ghana ($5.08M), Egypt ($3.72M), Senegal ($1.98M) and Singapore ($1.56M).

The world first importer of Vegetables, instead, is Mali ($3.35M), followed by Georgia ($2.58M), Togo ($2.19M), Moldova ($2.03M) and Tunisia ($1.75M).

Mali is responsible of the 14% of the world total import of Vegetables.

Onions represent the 6.5% of the Mali’s entire import, Potatoes the 5.5%, Apples and Pears the 1.2% and Bananas 0,68%.

Its top import origins are Ghana (52%) and Senegal (42%).

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source: https://atlas.media.mit.edu/en/