Fireworks U.S. Import/Export Snapshot


Fireworks were the 850th most traded product in 2016. The United States is the major importer and represents 35% of fireworks total import, with a value equal to $398M.

The main countries from which the United States imports fireworks are China (93% - import value: $370M), Germany (1,7% - import value: $6.69M) and Spain (1.2% - import value: $4.83M).

The United States can be consider the second major exporter of fireworks - after China, that represents 71% of fireworks export- covering 6.2% of total export, with an export value of $70.4M. The main destinations of U.S. fireworks exportation are China (16% - export value: $11.4M), Japan (9.6% - export value: $6.78M) and Kuwait (9.3% - export value: $6.52M).

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