Focus on: Fresh Investigations

Focus on: Fresh Investigations

SkyMinder offers business information on companies with global coverage. How is it possible?

SkyMinder gives access to in-depth credit, financial and business information on companies, with a global coverage. In fact, around 230 countries and territories are available on the platform. This means that all companies all over the world can be searched and analyzed via SkyMinder, because also countries with limited data availability are covered thanks to fresh investigations. 

What are Fresh Investigations?

Fresh investigations are locally managed reports, compiled by analysts trying to obtain updated information from all available local sources in Countries where online data are not available.

Why are Fresh Investigations essential?

Access to Business information and data availability are not the same for every country. Every country has different policies in terms of data availability and updating due to local economic, political, fiscal and legal rules, or because of particular conditions that make it difficult to find information.

For example, while in most European Countries there are official institutions like the Chamber of Commerce, Company Registries and a full transparent policy about company’s data disclosure, in many countries of the emerging markets like the Latin American, African, Asian, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern ones, there are internal situations that make it hard to find information.

In which cases do we need Fresh Investigations?

As we previously said, there are Countries with objective conditions affecting the availability of data information about companies. These conditions can be:

  • Structural conditions: in many countries official registries are still collecting documents in paper format and they still have not implemented electronically data filing and storing.
  • Economic issues: in Countries with relevant economic problems, also the official entities like company registries and official body and also the data availability are affected
  • Fiscal al legal obligations: In many Countries, there is no disclosure or filing obligations, so companies do not file any relevant data. In some countries, like tax havens, the non-disclosure is even a country strategy to attract foreign investors.
  • Social habits: there also cases of Countries in which legal measures in terms of filing requirement are increasing, but companies are not used to share their data and do not completely comply with the new laws. This is mainly because they are not used to that new practice and because there are no effective measures, like fines or penalties, to encourage the disclosure of data.

Who compiles Fresh Investigations?

Fresh investigations are always carried out by local analysts. This is an essential requirement, because only local analysts, well integrated in the social environment, have an in- depth knowledge of the country and its main features, that also allows analysts to be more effective in obtaining information from local entities. Furthermore, only local providers with an in-depth knowledge of the business environment of the country can provide trustworthy data and establish the correct parameters for a reliable credit assessment.

How is a Fresh Investigation managed?

As a first step of the search, local providers access all the local public official entities in order to gather information. Secondly, especially where the official information is poor, they access also other local sources and contact the company to gather further details. Of course, once the information is gathered, they compile the report and make it available in English.


How are Freshly Investigated Report?

The structure and they type of data included in a freshly investigated report is not different from an online one. There are only changes in the search mode and in delivery time, as the process of collecting information and compiling a report takes some days.