Artwork Top Exporter

Artwork is the world 99th most traded product.

With the term “Artwork”, we refer to paintings, drawings, pastels, engravings, prints, lithographs, sculptures, statuary, stamps, coins or antiques.

The top exporter of this particular kind of products is USA, which exports Artwork for a value of $11.1B.

USA provides the 41% of the global export of Art.

Paintings represent the 60% of its entire Artwork exportation, Sculptures the 22%, Antiques the 9.8%, Collector’s Items 4.6% and Prints 3.3%.

It main destinations are UK (28%), Switzerland (17%), France (8.8%) and Hong Kong (11%).

Artwork is the top export of other countries like the United Kingdom ($7.14B), Switzerland ($2B), France ($1.97B) and Germany ($774M). The art top importers, instead, are the United States ($9.7B), the United Kingdom ($3.73B), Switzerland ($2.14B), Hong Kong ($1.97B) and Germany ($722M).                                                                                                                        

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