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Data and sources



Overview of data collection and updating

Countries around the world have different profiles in terms of data availability and business reports updating. To simplify this, they can be grouped as follow:

Tier 1: good data availability and accessibility, constant and proactive updating, detailed information.

Tier 2: medium level of data availability, but critical in terms of accessibility and updating, which is only reactive.

Tier 3: limited data availability combined with access difficulties due to the ongoing organization of public sources.

Tier 4: poor company data availability.

SkyMinder is able to deal with all these scenarios thanks to CRIF’s local presence and strong and long-standing relationship with local business providers, with a high global standard of business reports always in mind.

Sources and value-added data at a glance

Local legislation and organizations affect data availability; it is possible to identify some common paths in term of sources, which can be summarized as follow:

  • Public Register to identify a company’s existence and current status.
  • Financial data for subjects that are legally obliged to submit such data to public bodies.
  • Legal data to better understand structure.
  • Negative information affecting a company and its representatives.
  • Local data: additional data to beltter classify company, like industry, certifications.

The data above are key components to generating crucial information such as ratings to assess the risk level and credit limits, because to be aware of any negative information, legal data or financial data, allow to have a better awareness of when a decision must be taken.