SkyMinder for Business

Compliance/KYC Management

It is critical to understand the capital structure and related shareholder composition in order to draw up the actual chain of command. Given that it increasingly required by some financial sectors and competing players, this kind of check is useful in any case where a business partner must be evaluated.

For regulatory purposes and in certain cases legal needs, a guarantee of quality, updating, fresh investigation and global presence as SkyMinder is given, is a real value added approach required by the market to understand chain of command. As well as for Due Diligence requirements.

As quality guarantee, fresh investigations are one of the main pillars. It means that, all over the world, lack of data availability, hidden or inaccessible sources aren’t a barriers but an opportunity generating Credit Reports with the best information allowing to know more about a company and understand structure.

  • Know Your Customer: manage risk and compliance effectively. Verify and properly assess business partners and their shareholders to make safe decisions and prevent fraud.
  • Enhance Due Diligence processes thanks to in-depth information on companies and our monitoring plans. Check if a company and its capital structure are trustworthy and has the capabilities to become a business partner.