SkyMinder Extended Check Report

SkyMinder Extended Check Report


  • INTEGRATED: fully integrated with the Credit Report. This means that both typical risk evaluation information and data related to checks made regarding money laundering, sanctions, crimes etc. can be found in the same document.
  • WORLDWIDE AVAILABILITY : available for all countries covered by the current SkyMinder offering.
  • COMPLETENESS: Checks are made in all available sources in order to get an overall picture of the most important subjects within the company and included in the Credit Report.
  • SOPHISTICATED MATCHING SYSTEMS: Identification of the queried subject and related information is not always easy: a lack of detail, language, transliteration etc. are sometimes a barrier to finding the right information. Thanks to a sophisticated algorithm powered by LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, the best-matched candidate with related details is returned in order to start the analytical process.
  • CUSTOMERS EXPERIENCE AND COST CONTROL: uses the same request procedure as the Credit Report, with the same layout and the same SkyMinder functions. Price is fixed, regardless of the number of subjects checked, as included in the Credit Report, and the amount of matched information.



  • Same content as the SkyMinder Credit Report (Business Highlights, Risk Assessment, Relevant Events, Financial Information, Business Management, Business Relationships, Activity Features, Additional Information


  • Check on Company Name, Managers (current), Shareholders (current), Parent Company
  • The following are provided for each checked subject: Screened lists and match score, Gradient, graphical representation of check results