SkyMinder Compliance Check Report

SkyMinder Compliance Check Report


  • WORLDWIDE AVAILABILITY : available for all countries covered by the current SkyMinder offering.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Option to choose the type of subject to check: company or individual. To have a clear picture, it is sometimes necessary to extend the number of queried subjects.
  • COMPLETENESS: Checks are made in all available sources in order to have a complete overview of the subject according to a due diligence approach.
  • SOPHISTICATED MATCHING SYSTEMS: Identification of the queried subject and related information is not always easy: a lack of detail, language, transliteration etc. are sometimes a barrier to finding the right information. Thanks to a sophisticated algorithm powered by LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, the best-matched candidate with related details is returned in order to start the analytical process.
  • COST CONTROL: Prices are based on the checked subject (company or individual), regardless of the amount of information found, so it is very easy to know the required investment in advance.



  • Identification : Subject identification information
  • Highlights: Summary of main returned information from LexisNexis® Risk Solutions check and Gradient, graphical representation of check results 


  • Lists screened for each identified subject and match score
  • Information details for each identified subjects