SkyMinder for AML and Anti-Bribery

SkyMinder for AML and Anti-Bribery

The alliance between LexisNexis Risk Solutions and CRIF SpA will be a critical driver of financial transparency, by preventing illicit actors from having access to finance and commerce or from moving the proceeds of their activities.

When it comes to assessing third-party risk, KYC processes play an essential role, as they enable companies around the world to implement regulatory obligations, protect their brand reputation and avoid costly enforcement fines. Through the integration of LexisNexis Risk Solutions WorldCompliance Data, Skyminder users are able to identify patterns of subjects who may be involved with companies and entities associated with financial crime risks. LexisNexis Risk Solutions advanced, proprietary linking technology a sophisticated data analytics platform brings to life meaningful knowledge that helps customers make impactful decisions. SkyMinder users can choose between two different products integrating LexisNexis Risk Solutions WorldCompliance Data: Compliance Check Report and Extended Check Report.

Thanks to the SkyMinder Compliance Check Report, it is possible to query any business entity worldwide, and get information on whether the subject is on lists regarding fraud, terrorism, money laundering or other crimes. Know more

With SkyMinder Extended Check Report, is possible to query companies worldwide and obtain information about the company itself, as well as its directors, shareholders, and parent companies, as described in the Credit Report, and to check if the subject is on any lists of criminal activity. Know more


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    "Suppliers Risks and Compliance Management"

    Organizations that rely on suppliers but don’t have enough insight into their suppliers are exposing themselves to high risks. Nowadays, in an increasingly complex regulatory environment, companies may be faced with meeting multiple Know Your Vendor, Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-bribery requirements.

  • TAIPEI, 3 OTTOBRE 2018

    New Age of Asian Supply Chain

    China Credit Information Institute, CRIF and all the guest speakers will share their visions and use cases in the matter of Supply Chain Finance.

  • Hong Kong, September 12 2018

    CRIF and LexisNexis speak at German Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

    On September 12, CRIF and LexisNexis - a global big data, technology and analytics company - were invited by the German Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong to talk about the ways on reducing credit risk and compliance risks with business information.

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