SkyMinder login

SkyMinder login


If you're a SkyMinder customer, from here you can access to platform and resolve issue of forgotten password.

Identify first of all the SkyMinder version you're currently using and proceed as described.

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SkyMinder 2.0

Are you using SkyMinder 2.0 as in image on the left ?

Follow below instructions !

SkyMinder 2.0 login Forgotten SkyMinder 2.0 password

SkyMinder 2.0 Username & Password Management

If your user-id (username in SkyMinder 2.0) has a length below 8 characters, you’ve to add 7 zero at the end

  • Example
    • Skyminder 1.0 username: sun
    • Skyminder 2.0 username: sun0000000

In any case, you password must be reset following these rules:

  • Minimum length is 8 characters (case sensitives)
  • Must contain at least one letter and one digit
  • Cannot be the same of the old password
  • Cannot contain the three consecutive equal characters
  • Cannot contain the username
  • Will be valid 90 days

SkyMinder 1.0

Are you using SkyMinder 1.0 as in image on the right ?

Follow below instructions !

SkyMinder 1.0 Login Forgotten SkyMinder 1.0 password
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