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An overview on Romania

Romania is in Southeastern Europe, between Bulgaria and Ukraine, bordering also the Black Sea, Moldova, Hungary and Serbia.

Romania’s economic situation has always been complex. In the last twenty years it underwent difficult periods like the 2009 financial crisis, when Romania suffered an economic slowdown, especially in the automobile sector, which is dependent on foreign demand. Financial difficulties pushed the country to seek financial help from the IMF, the European Commission and the World Bank. More recently, the Romanian economy was among the fastest-growing in the EU; however, the global crisis brought by the COVID-19 pandemic has stopped this fast growth and has strongly affected the Romanian economy, mainly due to weak external demand which slowed production and exports and to lower consumer spending.

Despite the pandemic effects and the above mentioned challenges, Romania keeps being an attractive and profitable market for foreign companies. Especially in this period characterized by uncertainty, only the most credited and trusted business information sources can successfully support you in retrieving information on Romanian companies. SkyMinder , thanks to the most expert and trusted sources in the country, is able to support you in getting a reliable and in-depth view of your business partner and prospects.

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