Let the market know you’re back in business: CRIBIS launches italiariparte.com

Let the market know you’re back in business: CRIBIS launches italiariparte.com

The work of Italian companies, and SMEs in particular, is starting to resume, with only very few sectors having been able to avoid the lockdown. For this reason, at such a difficult time, CRIBIS, a CRIF company, wanted to focus on the resumption of economic activities. “The world is waiting for us”: this is the principle that guided CRIBIS in designing and creating an initiative that allows Italian companies to let the market know they are back in business. 

With this in mind, CRIBIS has launched ItaliaRiparte.com, a portal enabling Italian companies to let the market know they are open for business. Indeed, companies need to re-establish and strengthen their business ties with customers, suppliers, distributors, and importers, and to do this it is essential to update and enrich their information held by CRIBIS. 

Through ItaliaRiparte.com, companies can supplement their data, answer a quick questionnaire on their business, and add photos and short videos certified by CRIBIS to “show” their stakeholders that the company’s business has resumed. The update is completely free and is not intended to promote CRIBIS products and services. It takes just a few minutes to complete the questionnaire. 

With ItaliaRiparte.com, businesses will therefore be able to take advantage of an updated assessment that will enable them to have greater credibility in the market and to be positioned as a reliable partner at a time when no business sector has been spared by the crisis. 

The health emergency in Italy is having a significant impact on the working capital of SMEs. According to a CRIF Ratings analysis on a sample of around 84,000 Italian small and medium-sized enterprises, about 37,000 companies (44% of the sample) are facing the current emergency starting from an already delicate liquidity position or without particular room for maneuver. 

Despite European Commission, ECB, and Italian Government initiatives aimed at supporting enterprises, the long time it takes to inject liquidity into the market, the decline in revenues, and the general climate of uncertainty could be crucial for the survival of SMEs, which account for more than 95% of Italian businesses. 

Quality of information, constant innovation, and proximity to the customer even at these difficult and uncertain times have always been at the heart of the CRIBIS mission. At the same time, helping business relationships between companies is the role that CRIBIS has chosen to help the Italian economy restart and overcome the COVID-19 crisis.