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Back in Business - CRIFBÜRGEL’s online portal - ensures financial transparency during the COVID-19 crisis

Following the successful experiences of similar portals already launched in Italy and in Asia, CRIFBÜRGEL has developed its own Back in Business portal which enables companies in Germany to let their markets know their current operational status.

Thanks to Back in Business, German companies are able to demonstrate their financial transparency and strengthen their business relationships with customers, suppliers, dealers, and importers.

How does Back in Business work?

Through the online portal, companies first answer a brief complimentary self-assessment questionnaire. The data analysts of CRIFBÜRGEL then perform a quality audit of the questionnaire responses. The Back in Business Report can then be included as an attached separate PDF alongside the CRIFBÜRGEL credit rating information of the companies. This permits companies to provide their business partners with the most up-to-date picture of their performance. The reported data from the questionnaires is not integrated into their credit rating report, but serves as an additional source of information that CRIFBÜRGEL customers can use for decision-making.

Why use the Back in Business Report?

In economically uncertain times, trustworthy information is crucial. By using Back in Business, German companies provide their business partners and suppliers with an up-to-date picture of their economic performance and future prospects.

Back in Business Reports are an essential service for markets in a constantly changing world.

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