Activate SkyMinder Monitoring Service on Chinese Companies to be alerted if a change affect your business partners.

Now via SkyMinder is possible to activate Monitoring Service on Chinese Companies.

Starting with Credit Report, when a change occurs to an enquired company, it will be notified, allowing to take new decisions or revise policies if necessary.

Thanks to a unique service based on a sophisticated workflow, Judicial and Registration information, Tax and Media are monitored to collect all data coming from more than 60,000 news and industrial commercial website, Court records for over 34 provinces and more than 10,000 media records.

Output data, in English, are classified in four categories with the aim to help in understanding the content of the change itself.

SkyMinder Monitoring services allows:

  • Access to a unique service available on the market
  • Alert when sometimes crucial in business partners changes
  • Receive information from reliable data sources


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