Also in 2019 CRIF is confirmed among the top 50 FinTech companies on a global scale

The FinTech Ranking IDC, the most complete ranking of technology providers for the financial sector, mentions CRIF for the 7th consecutive year.

CRIF - a global company specializing in credit information systems, business information and credit solutions - was cited for the seventh consecutive year in the prestigious ranking compiled by IDC, ranking 50th in the world in 2019.

Now in its sixteenth edition, the IDC FinTech Ranking evaluates the leading global technology providers for the financial sector based on revenues obtained in the last calendar year for hardware, software and services. Specifically, the companies included in the ranking provide the technological plug of the services industry for financial operators, a sector in which, according to IDC Financial Insights, global IT spending will reach 540 billion dollars by 2022.

On the other hand, to compete in an increasingly digital economy, credit institutions must necessarily give priority to innovation, through the timely and effective integration of cutting-edge technologies in order to improve the experience of end customers and achieve operational efficiency. CRIF, as well as other realities at the top of the IDC FinTech Ranking, represents an excellence among companies committed with great determination to concretely support financial institutions in their digital transformation initiatives.

“CRIF has always adopted a forward-looking approach as well as an extremely innovative operating model, which recognizes the factors that characterize successful players who are ready to face the challenges that the banking and financial sector will have to face in the near future. On the other hand, the continuous and rapid evolution of the context in which we operate represents a strong stimulus for the development of increasingly higher value-added solutions, which CRIF also achieves thanks to its Intelligent Network Services Platform (INSP) which is based on a distinctive mix of knowledge, information and technology, incorporated into a service offering recognized by customers globally - comments Carlo Gherardi, CEO of CRIF -. Being cited again this year in the prestigious IDC FinTech Ranking is not only a source of pride for all the 4,400 professionals who work with passion in CRIF but, above all, represents a further recognition of the excellence of our solutions and of our constant commitment to support customers in their growth path ".

In a complex scenario like the current one, influenced by drivers destined to play an increasingly important role, such as the digital transformation and regulatory evolution, CRIF's goal is to help credit companies improve their customers' involvement, through a customer journey and experience that is increasingly simple and fast, as well as effectively and efficiently managing risks and reducing costs in full regulatory compliance.

"Being nominated in the IDC FinTech rankings is a significant achievement, testifying to the company's commitment to the success of its customers in the financial sector - says Marc DeCastro, director of research at IDC Financial Insights - now in its sixteenth edition, the IDC Fintech ranking represents the global standard classification of the Fintech companies, and we congratulate the winners of 2019 ".