New Slim Report on Chinese companies

New Slim Report on China now available to enrich SkyMinder offering

China is currently a very strong economy, currently positioned 2nd as GDP, largest export country end second importer in the world. In such scenario it’s important to base decisions on reliable and high quality business information products. Thanks to new Slim Report via SkyMinder is now possible to assess Chinese companies on high quality data, competitive price, short delivery times and value added data to measure risk.







China is representing an opportunity for worldwide companies, both as suppliers or customers and, at the same time, data availability is showing a high data friction in term of collection and updating. Accessing to solutions able to provide reliable and high quality information it’s the right approach take decisions based on high level of awareness. SkyMinder has this attitude, with a product range able to satisfy market needs.

On China, products available are:

  • Credit Reports: exhaustive report related to company and structure overview, history, adverse data, management, company structure, financial accounts when available import and export data from custom, credit rating and credit limit.
  • Slim Report NEW: short version of Credit Report preserving high data quality and updating combined to value added information like credit rating and credit limit to assess risk.
  • Monitoring NEW: to be uptaded if something changes on an enquired company, like judicial, registration information, tax updating and media
  • KYC: check on shareholders
  • Compliance Report: how to understand if a business partner is reported in financial crimes lists.
  • Due Diligence Report: the best way to ‘visualize’ where a business partner is located, not only with official data but also with photos giving the real perspective of a company
  • Cyber Risk Report: assessing risk of a potential cyber attack