15 Gennaio 2019

CRIF Shanghai Chinese reports are now available in SkyMinder format

Effective as of December 13, 2019, Crif Shanghai Chinese reports acquired the SkyMinder format. Now they present  all the benefits related to the new design: a Standard Layout, consistent worldwide, to simply read and analyze our reports, a Tab Structure, to better organize and quickly find the information,  data Completeness and Consistency about:

  • Identification: data useful to finding a company (business registration details, legal form and address)
  • Risk assessment: rating to understand the risk level and credit limit to get more insights into company vulnerability.
  • Firmographics: all information to classify companies (industry code, number of employees etc.)
  • Financial information: financial data, balance sheets and ratios to evaluate financial strength.
  • Negative and significant legal events: crucial to know if information can affect risk level.
  • Historical data: changes that occurred in the past involving company management.
  • Company structure and relationships: company relationships, shareholders and ownership.
  • Bank details:name, address, branch of the bank used by the company, if available.

SkyMinder China offering consists of:

  • Credit Report: in addition to Rating and Credit Limit, is provided a Custom Rating, information based on customs data that allows assessing the capability to manage international transactions. There are other two sections, dedicated respectively to the company’s structure and to the information related to import and export. The report includes the presence of two annual balance sheets.
  • Planned Revision: the possibility to plan in advance the complete review of the report content.
  • Due Diligence field visit: a report realized by making an inspection at the company with the purpose to verify the state of the property. The report includes photos.
  • Cyber Risk Report: to measure the cyber risk level of the company.