Cyber Security Master

Thanks to cooperation between CRIF and UNIBO (Università di Bologna), Cyber Security Master

CRIF and IT, Science and Engineering Department, Alma Mater Studiorium, Università di Bologna organize a Master: Cyber Security: from design to operations, with the cooperation of companies like Accenture, Cryptonet Labs, CSE, Minded Security, Obsidum, Tesla Consulting, Unipol and Yoroi.

Located in Bologna, Master will train experts in cyber security in a business environment facing critical situations related to data management. Focus will be on security solutions design, integration and deployment, both at application level and networking during operational steps.

Master length will be 6 months with a full time agenda: 3 months in University and 3 months as stage in a company.

Master, in English, will answer to very specific needs coming from the market. This is the reason why UNIBO decided to create a link with companies having internally cyber security department.

In CRIF, main sponsor of the Master, security is one of most important asset. It’s the reason why CRIF has the role of main sponsor in a scientific committee with University and Companies.

Master has the purpose to train very skilled profiles, like ICT Security Specialist, Web Security Expert, Mobile Security Expert, Penetration Tester and Security Incident Analyst and Responder.

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