Indonesian Forestry Sector growing during the second quarter of 2018

Results from Business Activity Survey (SKDU) conducted by Bank Indonesia (BI) show that in the business activities in QI/2018 were increasing, if compared to QIV/2017. The increase particularly occurs in wooden and metal goods agriculture sector.

Expansion occurred in the processing industry. It is as indicated from the 2.17% increase in the net weighted balance (SBT), which is 0.12% higher than in the previous quarter. The increase occurred in industry of wood products and other forestry results, and industry of basic metal and steel products.

PT. Visi Globalindo predicts that in QII/2018, the forestry sector will grow by 1.58%. Although lower than in the first quarter of 2018, but if compared to the same period of 2017 that only grew by minus 0.98%, the increase is quite significant. In addition, the increase in the net weighted balance also indicates the possible positive growth of the sector for the next several quarters, similar as occurred in the previous year.