CRIF Solutions PVT Ltd (India) now provider for SkyMinder Credit Report

CRIF Solutions PVT Ltd (India) now provider for SkyMinder Credit Report

Now SkyMinder Credit Report on India are more powerful, thanks to introduction of CRIF Solutions PVT Ltd (India) as provider of Business Information products.

Indian businesses are divided into 2 clusters, companies required to be registered in a Public Registry and businesses registered only at local city level.

Credit Reports made by CRIF Solutions PVT Ltd are based on high quality level, also considering a data environment not easy in collecting and updating information. Credit Reports are always providing risk evaluation grade, based on a five points scale and assigned thanks to in-house statistically developed model. Also Credit Limit, like risk assessment, is always present in Credit Report and based on a statistical model. In addition, Credit Report is including overall observations, Industry details, Financials and ratios, company structure, charges, etc.

CRIF Solutions PVT Ltd Credit Report have a strong value proposition: starting from reliable source to collect primary data and revised before every delivery, to 100% coverage on registered business.

CRIF Solutions PVT Ltd  Credit Reports via SkyMinder are the right solutions for worldwide company working with Indians firms and looking for information collected as analyzed by players with a strong connection with the market as CRIF Solutions PVT Ltd is.

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