CRIF IDC FinTech Rankings 2017

In its fourteenth edition, the IDC FinTech classification assesses the main global suppliers of financial technology based on revenues for the previous calendar year in relation to hardware, software and/or services. The companies analyzed provide the technological backbone to the financial services industry, an industry in which, according to IDC Financial Insights, the global IT expenditure will reach 500 billion dollars by 2018.

The annual IDC FinTech rankings have become an important measure of the state-of-the-art and trends in technology in the sector and help bring out the innovative solutions of new operators. Moreover, the IDT FinTech rankings represent a fundamental tool for financial institutions to use as part of strategic planning and to select new investments in third-party solutions.

“The challenge for the coming years will be to always ensure increasing quality in the development and governance of credit as a whole. This is why CRIF has always given priority to the development of highly performing solutions and management platforms which are able to cover the entire credit chain, with the aim of working alongside our clients on a path ‘together to the next level’,” commented Silvia Ghielmetti, General Manager of CRIF. “In this regard, just remember that StrategyOne, CRIF's user-friendly platform for the comprehensive, effective and timely management of all decision-making processes related to credit, has exceeded 100 on-site installations within important credit companies across 4 continents. Reaching a prestigious position in the IDC FinTech rankings gives further confirmation of our ongoing commitment and of the quality of our solutions, recognized across global markets.”