CRIF and Qupital establish a strategic partnership for credit risk and trade finance solution

CRIF’s solutions integrate credit and business information, decision-support models, outsourcing, software and consultancy services, allowing the direction of strategic development to be defined, market share to be improved, credit risk reduction and management of the business in a more effective way, while reducing costs.
Companies with financing needs can sell their invoices that have not yet been paid through Qupital’s platform and set the highest discount rate for the invoice; the investor can review the item and bid for the invoice it wishes to purchase. After the two sides have reached an agreement, companies can convert accounts receivable into cash flow, improving their liquidity for business development.

Winston Wong, Co-Founder of Qupital said, ”We are very excited to be partnering with CRIF to bring out more innovative solutions for businesses and investors in Hong Kong and Asia. We will be able to leverage CRIF’s data and expertise to better evaluate commercial risk.”

Fion Fok, Deputy General Manager, HK & South China Region of CRIF said, “The partnership between CRIF and Qupital provides companies with a safer and easier way to raise liquidity, which can increase their flexibility and competitiveness. It fits today's market needs, and this is also the vision of our collaboration.”
About Qupital
Qupital is Hong Kong’s leading accounts receivable trading platform. Qupital allows companies to raise finance against their receivables by connecting them with professional investors interested in a brand-new asset class. 
Qupital provides an option to fund unpaid invoices quickly and efficiently. Using the online invoice discounting platform, businesses are able to raise funding against their unpaid invoices in 24 hours or less. Qupital currently serves a wide range of businesses in the export, manufacturing, and distribution sectors.

For more information: www.qupital.com