CRIF Credit Management Day 2018

CRIF Credit Management Day 2018 - Wien, Austria

For the first time, CRIF will be hosting an event on May 02, 2018 in the Novomatic Forum (Wien - Austria), where experts are discussing and presenting the latest topics in credit management.
We invite all interested parties in the field of credit management from the non-finance sector to participate on this afternoon event. Take this opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing with representatives from other industries.
Exciting presentations and best practices await you! Experience the challenges of the future first-hand from Mr. Rudolf Keßler, one of the leading experts in credit management. Mr. Stephan Glismann-Bringmann gives you insights into what the reporting of a smart credit manager looks like.
Are you interested in specific CRIF or partner solutions and would you like to get in touch in a one-on-one talk with our experts? If so, do not miss the opportunity to visit one of several information stands.
The topics of the presentations are:
  • The smart credit manager Stephan Glismann-Bringmann, Director Credit Management Solution, CRIF Credit Solutions GmbH
  • End-to-end credit management in practice Mag. Alexander Hartner, CEO, UNIQA Leasing
  • Credit decisions in real-time – best practice in the B2B e-commerce industry Silvia Barisch, Customer Care Manager, E.M. Group Holding AG
  • Industry solutions for minimizing payment defaults Andreas Prantner, Head of Corporate credit management, RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria AG
  • Modern credit management – challenges and innovative solutions Rudolf Keßler, Chairman, BvCM Austria
After the official part, we invite you to an enjoyable social gathering.
You can find more information in our invitation.
Register today via this registration form or send us an e-mail to events.at@crif.com Please enter your company name, first and last name and your position when registering. The seats are free and limited, so we recommend a quick registration.
For organizational reasons, a registration is possible until 18.04.2018 at the latest.
Please note: The event is addressed at an audience specialized in the field of credit management and we reserve the right to check your eligibility to participate in advance.