Credit, financial and business information on worldwide companies - Skyminder

SkyMinder is the CRIF business information platform, giving access to data about companies all over the world.

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Let's give a look at how SkyMinder works:

The information are organized in Reports, easy to read thanks to an intuitive, globally consistent layout.

In SkyMinder Reports you can find: identity and structure of the company, status and financial status, legal and negative events, company management and shareholders, details of activities and related parties. But, most importantly, are always included a risk assessment, the credit rating and the credit limit of the company, in order to accurately determine the reliability of potential business partners!

After buying a report, you can activate Skyminder Monitoring Services and keep track of every change in the company situation under an economical, organizational or legal point of view. SkyMinder inform you about the events that could possibly affect a business relationship, such as a customer who is no longer able to pay, a supplier risking to interrupt a production chain, a change of ownership or bankrupt cases.

You can use SkyMinder to perform different functions for your business:

1 - To avoid financial risks, reputational, operational and legal threats:

SkyMinder helps you in the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, allowing to verify the identity of customers, sellers or other economic players with specific KYC reports. These kind of reports contain data from a Company Identity Check focused on three aspects: Identity, Shareholders and Beneficial Owner.


2 - To protect your business from financial crimes and illicit activities:

Skyminder also safeguards financial transparency, offering Anti-Bribery and Anti-Money Laundering solutions. Through the integration of LexisNexis Risk Solutions WorldCompliance Data, Skyminder users have access to a sophisticated data analysis platform, enabling them to identify individuals associated with financial crimes, on lists regarding fraud, terrorism, money laundering or other lawbreaking.


3 - To Know your competitors:

Thanks to SkyMinder it is possible to perform Competition Analysis around the world, also paying attention to the financial data and the risk level of each competitor and building up performance trends, in order to define appropriate business actions.