SkyMinder Advantages


SkyMinder is the business information platform which provides you access to in-depht credit, financial an business information worldwide. SkyMinder guarantees you, in a unique business information platform, the highest quality of data and several advantages:

  • Global coverage. Thanks to our coverage of 230 countries, we are able to provide a report or perform a search on any existing company worldwide.
  • Quick and easy. Our solution is simple, user-friendly and effective, so you can search for a company quickly.
  • Best available report. Thanks to our long-standing relationship with local business information suppliers, we are able to select the best local sources to support your decisions with updated reports.
  • Credit assessment at your fingertips. Our reports always include a credit rating and a credit limit to help you prevent risk and make better decisions.
  • Consistent user experience. Our global and tab-structured layout offer you a clear and simple display to find information you are looking for immediately and easily.
  • Company monitoring. Our business information platform offers you the possibility to monitor a company choosing into tre different monitoring possibilities depending on your needs.
  • Service-oriented approach. We pay attention to give our customers exhaustive, quick and efficient service and assistance, supporting and helping them to meet all their requirements.

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